Has it really been 6 Months?!

It has been 6 months almost to the day since my last post. I almost feel guilty… almost. Another thing that has happened is we have reached our 6 month mark in our pregnancy. Come December we will finally be welcoming our baby girl to this world.

I can not believe that we are almost there. I’m finally starting to look pregnant, and not fat. You know what I mean, that in between stage when people don’t want to be rude and ask you if you’re pregnant just in case you gained a lot of weight and they put themselves in a real awkward position. Although, I am totally the kind of person who would look them straight in the eye and say “Actually, I’ve been having a real problem with my Thyroid.” I love making people uncomfortable! Ha!
And the timing could not be more perfect for baby #2 to arrive, but for that, I have to back track a bit. Lets just say February through May are kind of a wash. The only majorly significant thing in there (other than finding out we were pregnant) is that we celebrated our 6th anniversary. We didn’t do a whole lot, but we did visit our favorite restaurant Jakes. We’ve gone there every year since we moved out to San Diego and I will say it is the best anniversary place, but that is no secret to those who live here already.

My Beautiful Flowers from my amazing hubby.

Yummy Drinks. I always get the mojito here.

Ahi Appetizer

And of course… The Hula Pie!
Got a little distracted and forgot to take photos of our meal, but it was amazing! As usual.
Back to my main point. This June, my hubby graduated from Bethel Theological Seminary with his MASTERS degree in Marriage and Family Therapy!!

Lets just say that I am one proud wifey! It took 4 years and lots of study hours to get it done, but he did it. Only… there was one looming little detail and that was the requirement of completing 500 hours of training hours of therapy. The dreaded practicum. It’s really good that this is required, but it also meant that he had to work another 15-20 hours a week to complete this in his last year of schooling. I mean, honestly, would you really want to see a therapist who just graduated from school and has absolutely no experience with one on one therapy?! I wouldn’t. Thankfully though, there are plenty of people who don’t have an option. Kirk has been working at a place called Phoenix House which is a government facility that kids are court ordered to go to that have been caught with drugs. They have to receive drug counseling as well as therapy from “trainees” like my husband. The best thing about this in comparison to a hospice care, where most “trainees” have to go is that he gets a lot of experience with entire families as well as group sessions. I think it’s pretty cool.
Anyway! This upcoming week marks the end of his 500 hours working as a “trainee.” Thursday is officially his last day which means my husband finally goes back to a “normal” ministry work schedule! This year has not been the easiest to get through, it has certainly not been full of adventures, but we knew that this would be our life for the next year and it was only for a short season. It’s exactly what we signed up for and what we felt God calling us to do. I’m not gonna lie though, I sure am looking forward to having my hubby home closer to 5pm rather than 9-11pm like it has been. Congratulations honey!! I am very proud of you!!
Next week also marks Elijah’s first ever week of school. He will be attending Mission Hills Preschool 2 days a weeks. I am trying not to be overly emotional about it, but c’mon, he is my baby boy and he is growing up WAY too fast. I am, however, looking forward to getting some “me” time in these next couple of months before baby girl comes. And thankfully he is attending a school that I am 100% confident and comfortable with.

Recap: We are pregnant, husband graduates, Eli starts school/Husband finishes school ;-), next step… waiting for baby to come. Yay.
I am definitely looking forward to the next few months of our life and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next.
Here’s to hoping that I don’t wait another 6 months update this blog.


Music, Love, and Football

What is life like for a woman married to a musician? Not just any musician…one who leads a congregation of how many in worship? And my other one is…what hours of the day does your little boy drive your crazy and what do you do? And does he watch football? Love, Irene

A couple of weeks back I ask you all to share any questions you might have or ideas for future blogs. A few of you had suggestions, but Irene was the first to actually comment on my blog. So, she gets the first blog response. Woohoo! OK, not that exciting, but at least it gets me blogging.

To answer the first question; being married to a musician is pretty fantastic! You see, I’ve always been extremely attracted to a man who can sing and play an instrument. In fact, that was on my “list” of what I wanted in a man. Growing up I was encouraged to stand for what I believed in and what I wanted. Don’t let any one else’s opinions sway who you are. I was once told that it is perfectly fine to make a “list” or more like set certain standards and hold tightly to those when dating or thinking of dating a man. I had very high standards as a matter of fact. Turned a couple of guys down because they did not fit those standards. Only once did I lower those standards… but that’s a story for another day. Then came Kirk. I was at a point in my life where I did not want to date and just focus on my relationship with the Lord. I started attending a service geared towards the 18-29 age group and happened to see this beautiful man on stage singing with a guitar in his hands and knew I was in trouble. But that’s getting off topic, now isn’t it?!

My wonderful husband grew up with his dad making up a song for every little thing in life. Bath time, bed time, dinner time… you name it, his dad had a song for it. Kirk has definitely adopted that tradition. So, my wonderful hubby now sings songs for our little Eli. I swear it’s the sweetest thing in the world. I also get to hear his process of writing music. When its bare bones. I get to be apart of that process sometimes by giving my input. I also get to listen to his crazy morning warm ups before he sings. Which 99.9% of the time make me laugh hysterically. Elijah has now started to join in on the warm ups.

The other part of that question (pertaining to leading worship) well, that is pretty fantastic. I usually have to turn away from looking at him while he leads because it can be extremely distracting from the time of worship that I should be in. God have given me a beautiful gift in my husband that combines two of my favorite things in the world. Music and the love of my life. That alone causes me to worship my Lord and savior. I feel a sense of pride when he walks off of that stage to come sit with me. I sit just a little bit taller because I am proud of the man who God has made him to be. I love being able to sing along with him every week. I also feel that God has given him a very unique gift of disappearing and allowing people to see through him and focus on the Lord. Not every worship pastor can do that.

I think it’s pretty evident that I love being married to a musician/worship pastor. But he is much more than that. He is the best husband, father and friend anyone could ask for and that far overshadows the incredible musician he is.

Now, for the less mushy question about my precious little boy. I find that the times I have less patience with my little guy are when I don’t have my alone time with God. I know that sounds like the typical “righteous” answer, but I really know that’s a huge part of it. The other part being when I don’t get enough time with my husband/close girlfriends. Interaction with other people away from my motherly duties is a huge part of what I need in my life. I am an extrovert, therefore, I need time with others. I have realized that we as moms tend to put ourselves on the back-burner in order to take care of our families. It’s a natural inclination. I tried to ignore that part of myself for while and realized just how much it affected my parenting. So, I decided to make it a point, once a week, to get out and have me time. Whether it’s spent sleeping in, going to Starbucks to read, do my bible study or meet up with a friend, it’s time dedicated to me and only me. Thankfully my wonderful hubby has agreed to me needing that time so he blesses me by having a boys morning every Friday with Eli. My little guy needs me to be the best mommy I can be and my husband deserves the best wife. So in order to be those things, I need to be honest with where I am at and what I need. Elijah is a pretty good kid and very easy. I am blessed. But I will say, some nights just are not fun for me especially if he misses a nap. He’s not quite to that point where he can console himself and understand all of his feelings so he can sometimes go off the deep end, but that’s a 3-year-old, right?

The final question being, does he watch football? Well that would be a resounding yes! Thankfully both of our families are football fanatics so it’s been ingrained in both of us and you can bet that Eli will grow up with the same lifestyle. He yells out “Football!” and “Touchdown!” he likes to have the ball thrown at him, he pretends to catch it, then throws it down and runs at you to tackle you. Hopefully he’ll be our little football player. I will say though, that his love of sports is not just limited to football; he sits down and watched basketball with me (which Kirk doesn’t necessarily like, but allows me to watch be cause I love it so much.) Eli even yells out “Basketball!!’ and “Go Lakers!!” I am raising my kid right, that is for sure. 😉

So, I hope that I answered your questions. Probably more than you wanted to hear. Thanks for responding Irene. This was a lot of fun.

This goes out to YOU!

Alright my peeps. I’m sending this one out to you. Nope, not a dedication, but an opportunity to ask me anything*, suggest a blog topic or an opportunity to have a blog of your own featured here. Leave a comment and I will go forward from there.

*Disclaimer – Some questions, if too personal, may not be answered. I’m not crazy people! 😉

K, ready… GO!


I copied this post from my sweet friend Tabitha who copied it from another friend. She is a crazy awesome and consistent blogger, so I thought, why not help myself in finding topics to blog about and just go ahead and let someone else tell me what to write about. Awesome!

Current Book(s): I’ve got a few at the moment. Still trying to finish Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God By Sheila Walsh (Longest title ever! But really good!) Learning how to not only trust the Lord more, but learning how that translates into my relationship with friends. Also reading Shauna Niequists Bittersweet. A leadership book and I’m actually thinking of reading The Shack again. However, I’m not sure if I’m ready to cry through that book yet.

Current Playlist: I’m actually playing through my entire music catalogue from A-Z. I started on Friday the 28th of January and am just hitting the “B’s,” I think I’ve got a long way to go. I’m realizing there are a lot of songs with the title “Beautiful” in it.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I don’t know if it’s really shame inducing, but it does make me feel like a 10 year old again. I absolutely can not make it through my day unless I have a cutie orange and string cheese! I’m also pretty obsessed with my shiny, silvery-blue nail polish. I’m tapping into my 15 year old girl who never really wore nail polish due to the chlorine constantly chipping away at it. Oh, Water Polo, how I’ve missed you.

Current Color: I’ll go with my previous answer and say my sparkly, shiny, silvery-blue nail polish. (How’s that for alliteration!) It’s so pretty!

Current Drink: Oh boy! An Iced grande soy chai latte and ginger ale. Weird. When I’m feeling a little saucy, I choose delicious! If you’ve been to my house for a girls night, you know what it is. If you have not… Come Over!!

Current Food(s): Dang it! I guess I answered that already too. Well, I will say that I’m pretty excited about quinoa. It makes me feel extra healthy and hip. 😉

Current Favorite Show(s): Parenthood! (I agree with you Tab!!) I also enjoy Parks and Rec, and a guilty pleasure… Masterclass on the new Oprah Network. Yes she has a network, and yes, I love watching it! What?!

Current Wishlist: An iPad. I am seriously in love with everything Apple. If they made a car, I’d buy it! Assuming I had the money of course. I love my new Mac Book Pro, which I currently writing this blog on thanks to my fabulous hubby! If I had an iPad, I would probably go into crazy debt because I would buy a ton of books on it, however I would still purchase the hard copy because I love the feel of books in my hand, hence the going into debt. not so sure I would want to put my man through that stress. Your welcome honey. 🙂

Current Needs: A house cleaner!! I know, I know, I’m a stay at home mom, but if I had someone to clean my house for me, I know I’d be a better mom and wife… well a happier one at least. I guess that’s more of a want. I guess I don’t necessarily NEED anything. I’m pretty happy and content with what I’ve got. Wait! I got one! I NEED a vacation with my husband! He is so crazy busy and gone all of the time, so I just need time away with him.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Hmm, I guess that goes along with the previous answer again. My husbands schooling. I know it’s almost over and it’s really not that much time, but I can not wait to see his masters program as a thing of the past.

Current Celebrity Crush: Ummm, well, I’m gonna say Lauren Graham. She makes me happy and I just want to be her friend. It’s a total girl crush… like “she would probably be the coolest friend ever” girl crush. Since Parenthood has started, I swear I’ve enjoyed watching TV again because she reminds me of Gilmore Girls and that is my favorite show ever!!

Current Outfit: Jeans, T-shirt, My Auburn sweater (War Eagle!) and flip flops. I’d be totally cool with wearing that every day of my life for the rest of my life. Comfy!!

Current Excitement: The fact that my child is potty trained!! What up!! I swear that is probably the single biggest accomplishment I’ve had thus far as a parent. You won’t fully understand it until you’re there, but when you are, call me so I can be excited for you. I swear I just about cried the first time he went.

Current Link: This blog is my favorite do it yourself fun nick-nacky stuff. I have only attempted a few things, and it’s been awesome! I would love to try more, but don’t have the time. Check it out!!

Biblical Health

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (New American Standard Bible)

19Or (A)do you not know that (B)your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that (C)you are not your own? 20For (D)you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in (E)your body.

I searched and searched for a verse or passage in the Bible that would help me to write this blog and came up short. I quickly realized that there are no specific verses pertaining to “biblical health.” At least none that I could find. Any biblical scholars that know of them that would like to share, I gladly welcome it. I started with the verse above because I feel like most of us would refer directly to it when speaking of how we should care for ourselves. But when I looked at the context of the verse, it is really referring to physical purity (which is a whole other topic to share later!) In fact, the majority of the scripture I found when I searched for “biblical health,” when looked at in context had to do with physical purity.

So how do I communicate the importance of caring for ones body?

Well, let me start with this, I don’t want you to think I have an agenda when you read this at the end of my blog, so I’ll come out with it now. I am currently selling vitamins and health supplements through a company called BodyWise . It is a company committed and passionate about the health and futures of it’s customers. I can tell you that because of two reasons. One, the woman who introduced me to BodyWise has been selling the product for 14 years and if you get her started, she can not stop talking about it. She has not only been selling it, but has been using it. She went off of it for a brief period of time and felt pretty horrible. She’s got a pretty awesome BodyWise story. Second, the man I spoke with once I signed up was on fire! He’s been with the company for 20 years and is extremely passionate about being healthy. We spoke for a good hour and a half… well he did most of the speaking, I just added a few “uh huhs” and “yeahs” so that he knew I was still listening. 🙂 I am not fully educated on all of the products but I have learned from enough of the stories that this stuff works. It’s not just another get skinny quick scheme or s product that is pumping your body full of crazy yucky stuff that you can’t pronounce. This is a product that helps to balance your body out and gives you more energy because you genuinely feel better.

Some of my favorite stories have been from the people who have suffered from MS and are not cured, but are able to make it through their day without experiencing the symptoms. The women who suffer from migraines that now have the correct hormonal balance and are no longer afraid of being stuck to their couch because of the pain. And just feeling better on a consistent day to day basis.

So here is the point, I’m not doing this for the sole purpose of making money (it’s one of the reasons, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t) but I want to learn to care for the body the God has blessed me with. I want the people around me to care just as much. I want our children to start off on the right foot and get used to taking the vitamins that are so important for their little bodies. I want my friends to stop experiencing  debilitating migraines, I want my husband to stop getting sick so much. I want to be healthy!

All this to say; we have a wonderful opportunity to change patterns in our lives and start making good choices. Even if there is not a piece of scripture I can point out, I know that God wants us to be well. How else are we going to spread the Gospel to others if we can’t get out of bed?!

Follow the link to learn more about what you can do to take the first step to feeling better, and when you’re ready, call me up, or email me and let’s get you started.

I’m committed to your health… Are you?


Beautiful Things

Music has definitely been a passion of mine since I was very young. I remember sitting in my Dad’s music room and listening to Pearl Jam, REM, Beatles, Dave Matthews… the list goes on. I remember driving in the car with my mom listening to “Oldies” on 104.7. Every family gathering, celebration, Sunday afternoons, homework time was surrounded by music.

As I was driving home the night I surrendered my life to the Lord, I turned on the Christian radio station and heard Paradigm by All Together Separate for the first time and I just felt like that God was trying to speak to me through it:

“Oh, I give my life to You
so I can gain it back again
Oh, I stand solid
while the paradigm is shifting”

I swear I listened to this song over and over for days.  I understood the reality of the choice I had just made. My life was about to be flipped upside down, shaken around and backwards in the best way possible.

Throughout my growth as a believer, I have always turned to music to help me stay focused. Most people need silence to study and do quiet times, but I needed my worship and praise music to help me concentrate and the words I was reading from His Word.

I married a man who is just as passionate about music as I am… probably more. I guess you would have to be if you’re going to be a Worship Pastor.

So in my never-ending quest to be able to share and communicate through blogging, I think I have finally figured out a way to be more consistent. I would love to share about the music that has touched my heart. Some stuff you may have heard over and over again and are tired of hearing about it. Some, you may be hearing for the first time. Either way, I want to share how I have been touched through the lyrics and music created by some very talented and wonderful people out there.

Which brings me to the video posted.

I was introduced to Gungor some time ago and immediately fell in love with their passion for God and their beautiful way of writing music. They are super unique and tell a story through their entire album. You can listen to their songs individually but if you have free time to just sit and listen to the album from beginning to end, I guarantee you will be amazed and have some beautiful time connecting to God. You can’t help it.

I chose this specific video so that you can read the lyrics as you hear this song. It’s called Beautiful Things… if you’ve listened to it, you’ll pick that up pretty quick. The reason I enjoy this song so much is because it reminds me of how we were created, what we once were and what God has in store for us. I think of our spiritual lives. The day we gave our lives to Him, it was like he brought us out of the dust and made us new again. Even though we don’t deserve it, He has chosen us. To bless us, because He loves us. They are very simple lyrics, but the first time I heard them, they struck me straight to my core.

I pray that you find a connection to this song and that the Lord speaks to you through it. Hopefully someone will hear this song today and realize that God loves them and wants to make them new in Him as well.

“All around
Hope is springing up from this old ground
Out of chaos life is being found in You.”

Baby Samuel

Please don’t forget to pray for baby Samuel. You can get updates here.

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